The Rosamund Trio, a Berkshire County, Western Massachusetts based string trio, has been providing beautiful music for weddings, cocktail parties, special dinners, religious services, business and holiday events in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Vermont for the past 14 years.


The core members of the group are Miriam Shapiro and Cindy Ogulnick with 3 guest cellists that we use regularly for events.


Our music library is quite extensive with music ranging from Classical, Beatles, and Swing Era to

Broadway, Klezmer, Latin and Pop.


We can accommodate your needs and budget by performing as a soloist, a duo, a trio or a quartet. We are experienced playing with a trumpet, flute, organ or singer. Our references are superb and our music is bound to bring you listening pleasure.


We look forward to hearing from you !

Cindy and Miriam at a political fundraiser

The Rosamund Trio

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